If it has to do with midlife nutrition and weight gain around the middle, I can help!


Are you feeling....?

...you've suddenly gained weight since hitting midlife?

...your waistband is tight, and stretchy waistbands are way more comfortable?

...you're eating too much sugar and rubbish food?

....you want a healthier lifestyle but don't have the time or the willpower?

...you're starting to think about your long-term health and aging healthily?


Don't panic! You're in the right place. 

Hi, I'm Ruth! As a qualified nutritionist, and fellow midlifer, it's my goal to help you reduce your weight around the middle and optimise your nutrition by stepping off the sugar roller-coaster and balancing those pesky midlife hormones (that includes you too, men!) 

My step-by-step approach supports you in making long lasting, manageable diet improvements. I aim to make being healthy fun and tasty, without being time consuming, so that you feel in control of your food behaviours while still enjoying eating. I'm more interested in making progress rather than being perfect. 

What's my story?

I felt fine about my weight through my early 40s. But, then I hit 45! And I experienced the dreaded midlife weight gain around the middle.

Within 12 months I put on 10 pounds and from the feel of my clothes, most of it was around my middle. I wanted to shift it - partly because I didn't feel good about it, but also weight around the middle isn’t good for long term health as it increases the risk of chronic illness.

I still wanted to enjoy life and eating. So I combined my nutrition knowledge with my passion for cooking to come up with a long-term eating plan that would help me get back to a better weight and with the best chance of a healthier future. 

I have an MSc in Human Nutrition (with distinction) and I'm a registered associate nutritionist (no: 11882). The Association for Nutrition holds a voluntary register of UK nutritionists, so I abide by their Standards of Ethics, Conduct and Performance.

Plus, I've done 5:2, juice detoxes, been a Weight Watchers' gold member, been vegetarian and vegan which means you don't have to try everything out there as I've already done it for you! 

What is Midlife Menu's mission?

I want to support midlifers in becoming their healthiest selves, to feel their best and to have great long term health. I think good food behaviours can be tasty, easy and not require life to be put on hold.

I started Midlife Menu after noticing friends (over 40) were talking about their health concerns, their weight or how they were trying to make diet changes. I particularly noticed this with men.

I realised my friends were thinking more about their health once they stopped getting away with eating and drinking whatever they liked. And were thinking long term rather than just about what they looked like.

As a result, I started Midlife Menu to support friends and fellow midlifers with this process.

Behind the scenes

I can usually be found running, slowly but enthusiastically, with my local running club, pottering around my Victorian courtyard garden or eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon!   

I live with my husband, Mark - we finally got married after 15 years together - and we’re currently considering whether to get a dog. 



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