I offer a range of nutritional weight loss programmes from free 5 day challenges you can do on your own to bespoke 1:1 packages.

Through these programmes I coach people how to get rid of cravings so you can reduce your weight, fit into your wardrobe and potentially avoid weight related disease without giving up wine or chocolate.

With so much information available on what to eat you might feel you should be able to tackle this on your own. But life has a habit of getting in the way of our best laid plans. This is why having someone keep you accountable really improves your chances of success.

Before Ruth worked her magic on me I had felt that regaining my health and figure was a pipe dream. Ruth’s happy, positive, nurturing demeanour has given me enormous hope and has already given me great benefits. I can now buy clothes two sizes smaller, and no longer feel embarrassed about myself.
— Lucy W.

Ditch sugar in 5 days!


Watch your cravings almost disappear in just 5 days

Without having to give up all sugar

Full meal plan and tasty recipes for the week

Start today - no need to wait; see results in just 5 days

A great starting point!

Nutrition programmes

From £97

Get rid of your cravings so you can lose weight

Fit back into your wardrobe and potentially avoid weight related diseases

No need to give up wine or chocolate

12 week programmes for long term sustainable weight loss

Different levels of support for maximum accountability

1:1 and lifestyle packages

From £180

Maximum support and accountability for best results

Personalised and tailored nutritional programme

Individualised time period depending on goals

Step by step strategies which are regularly reviewed for best progress

Support to change behaviours for long term success


I am currently taking 1:1 clients, book a call to discuss your requirements!

I loved working with Ruth, her enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and really makes you want to improve your nutrition. Ruth really helped me to work out what helps me personally, allowing the programme to be something that continues for me and doesn’t stop when the 12 weeks are up.
— Pippa P.

The process

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Step 1

Have a look through the options above. If you know what you want, click the link and get yourself started.

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Step 2

If you’re not sure which programme would be best for you or if you want some questions or concerns answered, then just book a call to discuss.

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Step 3

Now it’s time to get started! Realistic and do-able weekly steps will build towards success without creating overload or more stress.