M Shattock Design Create

Terms & Conditions 

M Shattock Design Create Ltd’s technical advice, verbal or written is based on our experience and the information received; this is, to the best of our knowledge, correct but is given "without prejudice".

In addition, our design application is based on current technical standards as well as standard assumptions to the extent no information has been provided to M Shattock Design Create Ltd. All data and information used in the design should be checked against the background of the specific project.

The design is only to be considered as a suggestion and the planner in charge of the project needs to verify its suitability under the given circumstances. The design will be invalidated if M Shattock Design Create Ltd are not notified in writing of changes to be implemented to the design prior to the installation.

The underfloor heating circuit layout patterns indicated on the design are a generic guide only and should not be considered as an installation template. The pipe work spacing in the schedules take priority and should be followed.

The installation should follow the information contained within the design documents, including schedules and drawings. In addition, the system must be installed in accordance with the Technical Information of the floor heating system manufacturer as well as with the relevant industry or association standards and guidance documents in force at that time. A 'Duty of Care' consistent with good engineering practice is to be employed by all parties involved in the supply and installation of the system.

Please note using any products or systems outside of their designed use, without the manufactuer’s/supplier’s technical written consent for specific scenarios, releases the manufacturer/supplier from all liability. It is recommended that the suitability of any product for a specific application should be checked.  Utilisation and processing of products are beyond manufactuer’s/supplier’s control and are therefore exclusively your responsibility.

In the event that a liability is nevertheless considered, any compensation will be limited to the value of the goods supplied by us and used by you. By accepting and using the design you accept the conditions of sale of M Shattock Design Create Ltd as detailed here.