If you're struggling with weight gain around the middle, aka belly fat, and ready to do something about it without putting your life on hold, then you're on the right page.

Working with me involves learning a step-by-step approach, which enables you to gain self-belief in being able to manage your weight long term, while taking into account that life isn’t perfect. You'll learn what foods work best to balance your blood sugar levels and your hormones to reduce your belly fat so that you can feel self-confident in your appearance and be able to wear what you want and feel optimistic about your future health.

Have a look at the different packages below and get in touch if you want to get started. 

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The Menu

Reduce the Rubbish


Learn how to ditch the junk

7 day free challenge

All meal plans and tasty recipes for the week

Get going straight away

A great starting point!

Weight Loss


21 day online programme

Options for men and women

Non/vegetarian, diary/gluten free options

Recipe ebook and grocery lists

Strategies, tips and planning

Personalised 1:1 package


Initial 60 minute consultation

Personalised meal plans

2 follow-up sessions

Step by step strategies

Support to change behaviours for long term change


I'm not currently taking 1:1 clients, but I will be soon!



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Do I need to eat a certain way to be able to do the programmes? 

All programmes cater for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The weight loss programme does encourage gluten and dairy free eating because we tend to eat too much of these items and people generally feel better reducing these foods. 

Do I have to give up everything I love?

Eating should be enjoyable and if you give up everything you love you'll probably end up rebelling and going on a major binge which isn't good for how you feel about yourself, or your waistline. On the other hand, the really tempting foods tend to be high in sugar, fat, salt or a combination or all three and as such do not help us feel our best. So it's about making healthy, sustainable progress towards reducing the junk but it's not about perfection.

What about alcohol?

This is similar to the question above because alcohol doesn't offer us anything nutritionally, apart from sugar and calories, but it is enjoyable and often makes us feel more relaxed. The liver will process alcohol above everything else, including excess hormones. If excess hormones aren't processed by the liver they can get recycled in the body potentially leading to hormone imbalance which is often an element of belly fat. We therefore want to help the liver function optimally and one of the ways to do this is to reduce alcohol and many people experience weight loss when they do this.

An important issue to mention is that it's beyond the scope of this website to address serious issues around alcohol, or eating for that matter (please see the disclaimer). 

So are you basically saying it's 'everything in moderation'?

I hesitate to say this because people's idea of 'moderation' is different and we often use it as an excuse to eat whatever we feel like, whenever! The aim is for you to gradually makes steps towards eating healthier and feeling more confident about your eating habits so that you're comfortable around food long term rather than relying willpower. It can be a slow process but it's sustainable and doable....and you're worth it!