Realife Midlife 12 week weight loss programme

Realife Midlife 12 week weight loss programme


Learn how to get rid of your cravings so that you can lose weight. You’ll reduce weight so that you can fit back into your wardrobe and potentially avoid weight related diseases. You’ll do this without giving up your glass of wine or chocolate.

You’ll receive 12 weeks worth of manageable, realistic weekly steps so you can eat delicious meals that balance blood sugar levels without calorie counting and without adding more stress to your already busy life. All meal plans and recipes included. This is ideal for the self-motivated midlifer who wants to get started today!

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Unsure whether this programme will work?

See what previous clients have said:

I feel so much more energised at key times for me especially after lunch and in the evenings. The extra energy has allowed me to be patient and reduce my stress levels especially when dealing with the children. This is really important because I am juggling so many things such as after school clubs and homework, not to mention my own job! This programme has given me the confidence to improve my nutritional intake without giving up socialising, eating with the family or having the occasional treat.
— Pippa P.
I have lost weight steadily but more importantly I have a much better understanding of nutrition and how the different nutrients should combine and work together to achieve balance but not leave me hungry. It has empowered me to make positive changes to having a healthier lifestyle.
— Rachel