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Chocolate Bark

I’m not claiming this is healthy, But by spreading the chocolate thinly, the idea is you’ll eat less of it! And with additional toppings adding to the nutritional value, it’s a step closer to being healthier. It’s certainly better than demolishing a family size block of milk chocolate. You might need to put it out of sight in an air tight container fairly quickly though otherwise you’ll be coming back for more.

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When I was recently asked for a hummus recipe, I realised that I just tend to throw ingredients together without weighing or measuring anything! So, this forced me to write down exactly what I do and also to double check it before I publish it. The verdict? My husband tells me it’s the best yet and I should have doubled the ingredients because we ate it all in one sitting. I know it’s really convenient to buy hummus but it’s super easy to make yourself and you’ll know exactly what’s gone into it. Go on! have a go…

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