One pan frittata

This is a staple midweek dish in my house.

I can get a meal on the table in 20 minutes, it uses up all the sad looking veggies that are sulking at the back of my fridge and there’s just one pan to wash up at the end - what’s not to like about all of that?

Also, the variations are limitless.

You can keep it veggie. Or you can add anchovies, as per the picture, or a tin of tuna or any left over cooked meat. Or you could do a tray of sweet potato wedges to bulk it out if you’re after something more substantial. And serve it with salads or cook hot veg to have.

There are no rules with this one!

Keep your midweek cooking quick and easy with this one pan frittata. The variations are endless - it can be veggie or have meat or fish added to it. You can serve it with sweet potato wedges and salad or hot veg. It will use up all the old veggies that are at the back of your fridge. And it will be on the table within 20 mins.