Struggling with sugar cravings?

Lose weight and keep it off by making simple food swaps to reduce afternoon cravings


 Right Now: 

You’d love to avoid the after-lunch fatigue and lose a few pounds BUT:

  • you don’t seem to have any willpower against the sugar cravings

  • you don’t want to add any more stress to your already busy life

  • you don’t want to give up wine or chocolate

  • you want to still enjoy cooking and eating real food

This is where Midlife Menu comes in…

“I am always surprised by how much I learn from Ruth about living a healthy, energy-filled life. Her unending source of knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject is both inspiring and motivating but more importantly for me, is grounded in the reality of daily living.”
— Andy S.
I know food is meant to be fuel to keep us healthy and moving but it doesn’t need to be boring and repetitive! Having tasted some of Ruth’s amazing recipes I know food can be both delicious and interesting whilst also making you feel happy that you’re eating sensibly!”
— Thia K.