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Dairy free nut/seed milk

I tend not to use dairy milk at home since noticing I get snuffly if I drink too much. I usually use soya milk for convenience but it's really not that difficult to make your own. My preference is for almond milk or sunflower seed milk but have a go and see what you prefer.

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Matcha green tea latte

I use matcha green tea as an alternative to coffee. It still contains some caffeine but it's packed full of nutritional value and doesn't spike my blood sugar levels like coffee can. But matcha green tea can taste a bit 'grassy' on it's own! This recipe is the one that I use. See my tip at the end for adapting the recipe.

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Golden turmeric latte

The trouble with bought turmeric lattes is they can contain large amounts of sugar, which as you know I try to reduce as much as possible. But turmeric is a bit 'earthy' so what's the solution? A homemade one which uses one of the better sweeteners that doesn't spike the blood sugar levels. This is a hug in a mug!

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