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Toasted Nuts & Soy Seeds

These snacks are super easy to prep if you’ve already got the oven on for something else, like your dinner. The temperature doesn’t have to be exact as you can toast them for longer or shorter time depending on the temperature. I always make sure we’ve got a tub of both these snacks on hand. The nuts are great with fruit as a snack. The seeds can be used as snacks but also sprinkled on any dish that needs a salty hit or a crunchy texture, such as soups and salads. They’re great as part of your weekend prep to have in the cupboard for quick snacks during the week.

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Almond chocolate bites

If you’re after a (slightly) lower sugar alternative to chocolates, try this recipe for almond chocolate bites. With dark chocolate and whole nuts, there’s no nasties or processed ingredients. Perfect for that little pick-me-up just when you need it without undoing all your healthy eating habits. Enjoy!

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Dairy free nut/seed milk

I tend not to use dairy milk at home since noticing I get snuffly if I drink too much. I usually use soya milk for convenience but it's really not that difficult to make your own. My preference is for almond milk or sunflower seed milk but have a go and see what you prefer.

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