5 Steps To A Healthier You This Summer

A healthier lifestyle doesn't have to be a case of all or nothing and you don’t have to be perfect either. Trying even 1 or my 5 tips to a healthier you will make a huge difference to your overall health this summer. www.midlifemenu.com/blog/healthier-you

A Healthier Lifestyle: 5 Tips for Progress not Perfection

We’ve all been there - making healthy eating something on the ‘to do’ list but never quite getting there. In my case, I made the classic mistake of trying to put life on hold and wanting my healthy eating to be perfect before I would start making any real changes. Then I was wondering why life wasn’t willing to be put on hold and why I was rifling through the kitchen cupboards at 8pm trying to find a ‘naughty fix’.

Quick fix diets are so appealing because they promise fast results in a time scale that we can just about cope with. But it’s not sustainable.

This cycle of yo-yo dieting is detrimental not only to your physical health but also to how you feel about yourself and your belief in being able to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. But you can actually make sustainable, small changes to start heading in the right direction…

Just by making a few simple conscious changes you can fit eating more healthily into your lifestyle, no matter how busy or stressful. And remember - anything you do is progress, it really doesn’t need to be perfect!

Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.
— Salvador Dali

Focus on the good stuff

If you’ve been overindulging over the Easter break, you will probably be used to foods that are high in sugar, salt, fat or calories, or a combination of all of them! Your blood sugar levels are likely to be awry and you need to get them balanced before a healthier lifestyle is sustainable.  

Rather than trying to get rid of everything and wondering what is left, try focussing on getting loads of good stuff, that you actually enjoy eating, into your diet so there’s less room for the junk. You’re trying to move yourself gently from foods that are high calorie, but low in nutrients, to ones that are higher in nutrients and less calories.

If you want support with getting rid of those cravings for sugary, carbs then sign up for the 5 day reset that starts on Monday (13th May) - it’s your last chance to sign up as you’ll need this weekend to get prepped!

A Healthier Lifestyle Made Simple

If your changes are too extreme you’ll put off doing it and overwhelm yourself. The aim is to ease into a healthier lifestyle gently and without major upheaval. I’ve listed some ideas to get you started and these are some of the things I come back to when I’m aiming to get back on track with healthy eating, in a manageable way without it being puritanical!

Choose something from the following list that you’re confident you can do. As I always say, if you’re not 9 out of 10 confident you can do it, then choose another that’s easier for you to achieve.

  1. Take your lunch with you to work so that you’re not having to make choices from a canteen or coffee shop.

  2. Focus on increasing your fruit and veg intake – use fruit instead of sweet, sugary snacks to try to break the cycle; pile the veggies on your plate so that you feel you’re eating plenty.

  3. Do a food shop and stock up on the healthy foods you do like so that you’ve got some choice in the house – don’t try to force yourself to eat things you don’t like because they’re good for you (although that’s not an excuse to buy junk!)

  4. Try to reduce your alcohol consumption especially if you’ve been on holiday and been used to a drink every night. Alcohol affects your blood sugar levels and puts a strain on your liver.

  5. Put temptation out of sight – whatever your weakness is then at least put it in a cupboard rather than on the worktop where it will be too accessible. Ideally don’t have it in the house making it harder for you to indulge.

You want to get started with simple things that can be quickly included into your everyday routine so that you can feel confident about making some progress towards a healthier lifestyle.

But in the meantime, if you want to make a promise to become healthier this summer, why don’t you sign up to my 5 day reset to curb the cravings? It’s FREE, it starts Monday and it’s your last chance to sign up! It’s a great first step to a much healthier you, with lots of help and support along the way.

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