Five Ideas to Improve Your Midlife Health … Right Now!

A healthier lifestyle doesn't have to be a case of all or nothing. If you've had a lapse from either a heavy weekend, a 2 week holiday or months of feeling you can't be bothered, then here's how to stop a lapse becoming a collapse. Choose from 5 easy steps to kickstart that healthier lifestyle today!

Make This Week A Healthy Start

Are you struggling to get started with a healthier lifestyle?

Was it a heavy weekend?

Or maybe you’ve been on holiday?

Or perhaps weeks of feeling like you can’t be bothered to eat healthily have turned into months of inaction?

I usually know pretty quickly when I'm feeling heavy and sluggish, which is a good indication that the healthier bits of my lifestyle have gone awry. If I'm not careful, it can take me a while before I'm motivated to do anything about it.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are numerous ways to start feeling better about your eating … starting right now!

A Healthier Lifestyle: Progress not Perfection

I was making the classic mistake of trying to put life on hold and wanting my healthy eating perfect. Then I was wondering why life wasn’t willing to be put on hold and why I was rifling through the kitchen cupboards at 8pm trying to find a ‘naughty fix’.

Quick fix diets are so appealing because they promise fast results in a time scale that we can just about cope with. But it’s not sustainable.

This cycle of yo-yo dieting is detrimental not only to your physical health but also to how you feel about yourself and your belief in being able to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. But you can make sustainable, small changes to start heading in the right direction…

Life is what happens when you’ve made other plans
— John Lennon

Focus on the Good Stuff

If you’ve been overindulging, you will probably be used to foods that are high in sugar, salt, fat or calories, or a combination of all of them! Your blood sugar levels are likely to be out of whack and you need to get them balanced before a healthier lifestyle is do-able.

Firstly, try focusing on getting loads of good stuff, that you actually enjoy eating, into your diet so there’s less room for the junk. Move yourself gently from foods that are high calorie, but low in nutrients, to ones that are higher in nutrients and less calories.

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A Healthier Lifestyle Made Simple

If your changes are too extreme you’ll put off doing it and overwhelm yourself. The aim is to ease into a healthier lifestyle gently and without major upheaval or additional stress. I’ve listed some ideas to get you started and these are some of the things I come back to when I’m aiming to get back on track with healthy eating, in a manageable way without it being puritanical!

Choose from the following list that you’re confident you can do. If you’re not 9 out of 10 confident you can do it, then choose something that’s easier for you on the list.

  1. A good night’s sleep – a lack of sleep can cause you to crave sugar, heavy carbs and caffeine, none of which is going to help you feel great.

  2. Increase water intake - carry a bottle of water with you; drink it and refill it.

  3. Start your day with hot water and a squeeze of lemon or put a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in your water bottle; both will take a few days to get used to but it will give your liver a helping hand.

  4. Keep meals simple – protein and salad or veggies initially. Try to keep away from the heavy carbs (pasta, bread and potatoes) until your blood sugar levels are a bit more even.

  5. Plan meals so that you don’t find yourself hungry and wondering what to eat.

You want to get started with simple things that can be quickly included into your everyday routine so that you can feel confident about making some progress towards a healthier lifestyle.

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