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Five Dinner Winners for A Healthy Midlife

Sometimes it can be hard to think of evening meals day after day. It’s fun to do the entertainment cooking for the daily dinners can feel like a drag if you’re not feeling very inspired. This blog gives you five easy dinners to see you through the week without having to use too much effort. And why not double up the portions so that you’ve got your lunch all prepped for the next day too. That’s this week sorted then!

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5 Ways to Ease the Stress of Eating Out

Do you find it stressful eating out? Are you unsure what to order or do you find that friends make it difficult for you when eating out? As we come to summer time there seem to be more opportunities for eating out whether that’s outside at the pub or round at a friend’s house. If you’re working hard at eating healthily and keeping that midlife weight gain in check then you don’t want the eating out enjoyment to ruin this. Have a read of five way you can stop this.

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How to exercise when you have no time

We all live increasingly busy, yet sedentary lives and that makes combining good eating with exercise much more of a challenge. Hopefully Midlife Menu has you thinking about eating well. But as the weather improves and the days feel brighter,  it’s also a good time to look at how something as simple as walking can help not only weight loss but reaching that Midlife Menu goal … better health and wellbeing at a demanding time of life.

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Water - How Much Do I Really Need to Drink?

You probably know you should be drinking water but what if you find it boring? How much water should you be having and what drinks count as water? You might be pleasantly surprised! This blog post explains all of this and more and gives you three 'water rules' to help guide you through staying hydrated.

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Eating Habits - Breaking the Top Three From a Midlife Childhood

Your eating habits that you have now might have their roots in your childhood. Some of the eating habits we learned as children might still be playing out in our day to day eating habits today and getting in the way of our long term nutrition goals. This blog breaks the top three eating habits from a midlife childhood.

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Heartburn - what causes it and will food and lifestyle help?

Heartburn is painful and can stop your enjoyment of simple activities. But what causes heartburn and do foods and lifestyle help? It was only recently that I started getting heartburn and now it seems to come back if I don't do these simple things. This blog details simple strategies to keep heartburn at bay.

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