5 Ways to Ease the Stress of Eating Out

Do you find it stressful eating out? Are you unsure what to order or do you find that friends make it difficult for you when eating out? As we come to summer time there seem to be more opportunities for eating out whether that’s outside at the pub or round at a friend’s house. If you’re working hard at eating healthily and keeping that midlife weight gain in check then you don’t want the eating out enjoyment to ruin this. Have a read of five way you can stop this.

Take the Stress Out of Eating Out

Recently, I went on a lovely evening meal out with friends. Before I went, I had two rules - no alcohol and no dessert. I decided to have fizzy water, as I’m finding more and more that even just a glass of wine makes me feel rough the next day. And I rarely have dessert these days, as I try to be as low sugar as I can, so I was going to have the cheeseboard instead as it was a set three course meal.

But what nearly ruined my night wasn’t my willpower … it was other people!

I was asked three times why I wasn’t drinking and then criticised for not giving my dessert to someone else (she already had a dessert, so why she needed two was anyone’s guess). And I had to keep telling myself - this is not about me, it’s about how someone else feels about her choices. But I won’t deny, it felt awkward.

I know other people experience eating out issues whether of their own or other people’s making. My friend was telling me that on a meal out her ‘frugal self’ kicked in and she decided to have three courses because the price was good! As she stubbornly struggled through dessert, she realised that she really wasn’t enjoying it. So, she put down her spoon and didn’t eat the rest. She told me this was real progress as previously she would have kept going regardless.

I get asked about eating out A LOT. Even the most committed healthy midlifer can find making food choices in social situations difficult.

The last thing I want is for you to think that means saying no to nights out. But just keep a few thoughts in mind to help both yourself and to deal with others who might try to trip you up.

Five Eating Out Stress Busters

  • If you’re going out to a restaurant or pub, look at the menu online and decide what you’re going to eat in advance.

  • Avoid the high Glycaemic Index (GI) bread board - eat the olives instead while you’re waiting for your main course. You can read more about the importance of GI here .

  • Have something higher fat/lower carb, like a small handful of nuts, to eat before you go out so you’re not ravenous when you get to the pub/restaurant.

  • Unless you see something you really love, skip dessert and have a coffee instead. Or share one with someone else.

  • Don’t feel guilty if you’re eating something indulgent and don’t let it make you feel like you’ve blown it, which can lead to a major binge. We’re aiming for ‘imperfect perfect’ here, not getting it right all the time.

And above all, remember to enjoy yourself! One meal won’t make that big a difference in the grand scheme of things.

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