Five Dinner Winners for A Healthy Midlife

Sometimes it can be hard to think of evening meals day after day. It’s fun to do the entertainment cooking for the daily dinners can feel like a drag if you’re not feeling very inspired. This blog gives you five easy dinners to see you through the week without having to use too much effort. And why not double up the portions so that you’ve got your lunch all prepped for the next day too. That’s this week sorted then!

Getting the Main Meal Right

Dinner is usually where midlifers are doing a pretty good job of ensuring that there’s a mixture of carbs, proteins and fats on the plate. Where we tend to go off message is in the balance (too many carbs for example) or the quantities. As I mentioned in a previous blog (link to childhood blog) some of those ‘clear your plate’ messages from childhood are really hard habits to break.

For main meals, I suggest trying to have protein and healthy fats at every meal. Look to carbs that have a lower Glycaemic Load (known as GL). You can read about why that matters here . Easily digestible carbs can spike the blood sugar levels and keep you on that rollercoaster of spikes, crashes and cravings.

Fish is a great source of protein and if you’re a meat lover then lean meat and poultry are good choices.

Why not choose one of these super tasty easy recipes and have a go this week?

Five Dinner Winners

  • Parchment baked haddock with roasted veggies

  • Beef burrito bowl with cauli rice

  • Trout and capers in a butter sauce

  • Greek chicken burgers

  • Hawaiian salmon with roasted broccoli

All the recipes can be found here and I’ve made them so easy to follow. You could even double up and take an extra portion for lunch the following day. That’s a real win-win for getting your week sorted!

Take Action! 

Don’t expect yourself to do everything straight away. Just pick one of the meals to try today and see what the reaction is from the rest of the family. You could also jump onto the Midlife Menu Facebook group where some of my clients have shown off their successful evening meal menus and to get lots of help and advice.

If this has inspired you why not grab my great ultimate 7 day meal plan?


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