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Heartburn - what causes it and will food and lifestyle help?

Heartburn is painful and can stop your enjoyment of simple activities. But what causes heartburn and do foods and lifestyle help? It was only recently that I started getting heartburn and now it seems to come back if I don't do these simple things. This blog details simple strategies to keep heartburn at bay.

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Food Preservatives - what you need to know as a healthy midlifer

Food preservatives are so common today that it's virtually impossible to avoid them. As a health conscious midlifer you're probably doing better than most and choosing wholefood, fresh foods over packaged, processed goods. But it's good to know what food preservatives to look for and which are safe and which to avoid.

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Three Must Eat Healthy Breakfast Foods for Midlifers

Does breakfast tend to consist of cereal and/or toast? If so, you could be hindering your efforts to lost the weight around the middle. Cereals often contain sugar and salt, and bread is converted rapidly into sugars in the blood. Swapping to these three healthy breakfast foods can help with losing the belly fat.

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