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Protein – Helping to Fight Midlife’s Hotspots

Protein seems to be a hot topic at the moment with many people considering a vegan or plant based diet. Will they get enough protein? Where will their protein come from? How much protein should we have? What are the benefits of protein? And can you have too much protein? All these questions are answered in this blog.

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Eating Habits - Breaking the Top Three From a Midlife Childhood

Your eating habits that you have now might have their roots in your childhood. Some of the eating habits we learned as children might still be playing out in our day to day eating habits today and getting in the way of our long term nutrition goals. This blog breaks the top three eating habits from a midlife childhood.

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Heartburn - what causes it and will food and lifestyle help?

Heartburn is painful and can stop your enjoyment of simple activities. But what causes heartburn and do foods and lifestyle help? It was only recently that I started getting heartburn and now it seems to come back if I don't do these simple things. This blog details simple strategies to keep heartburn at bay.

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How To Reduce Midlife Stress Over Easter

As midlifers we tend to have a lot going on in our lives which can cause stress trying to fit everything in. At Easter our stress levels can rise further as we try to see family and have a break from the daily routine. This can have an effect on our main stress hormone, cortisol, which can negatively affect your health and weight loss efforts. Find out five easy ways to reduce stress

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Three Tips To Avoid Weight Gain Over the Easter Holidays

Overeating at special occasions and times of the year like Easter is to be expected. But if you're overeating most of the time it's going to hinder your efforts to reduce the midlife weight gain around the middle. This blog gives three simple strategies to use straight away to avoid overeating and gaining weight over the holidays..

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Are Your Favourite Foods Making You Unwell?

Do you have minor symptoms that just don’t seem to go away? Do you notice a tickly cough after eating certain foods? Are you always reaching for a tissue because your nose starts running when you have a milky drink?

As a midlifer you might have put up with these niggly symptoms for a while … but did you ever consider that those aches and pains could potentially be food intolerance? This week I look at some common intolerances and what you can do to reduce their effects.

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