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Heartburn - what causes it and will food and lifestyle help?

Heartburn is painful and can stop your enjoyment of simple activities. But what causes heartburn and do foods and lifestyle help? It was only recently that I started getting heartburn and now it seems to come back if I don't do these simple things. This blog details simple strategies to keep heartburn at bay.

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Are Your Favourite Foods Making You Unwell?

Do you have minor symptoms that just don’t seem to go away? Do you notice a tickly cough after eating certain foods? Are you always reaching for a tissue because your nose starts running when you have a milky drink?

As a midlifer you might have put up with these niggly symptoms for a while … but did you ever consider that those aches and pains could potentially be food intolerance? This week I look at some common intolerances and what you can do to reduce their effects.

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